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In-Vehicle Video Surveillance


In-Vehicle Video Surveillance

CC-MDVR is an automotive Mobile DVR that is a cost-effective, multi-functional device designed for video surveillance and remote monitoring of your mobile assets.It uses a high-speed processor, an embedded Linux platform, and the most advanced technology in the IT field, such as H.264 Video Compression/Decompression, 3G network transmission technology and GPS positioning technologies.

MDVR can realize four/eight channel video recording. Each channel supports CIF, HD1 and D1 image solution. Drivers’ driving information, GPS data and alarm data are recorded in hard disk which is used as the storage medium. The Mobile DVR provides powerful auto black box features, installation flexibility and high reliability.


With new advancements in data storage and Wi-Fi, In-Vehicle video surveillance is now more accessible than ever to small and large fleet managers alike. Benefit from high resolution and low lux imaging, high capacity hard drives, and multiple camera inputs to keep your expensive assets safe.
It enables a variety of alerts via the on-board modem. Know instantly when a hard drive fails, is removed, video is lost, or if the vehicle is in a crash. Wi-Fi technology even allows some units to transmit the video feed to your office computer whenever they return to the yard, saving you time and money.