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We are a customer-driven business. We research, identify and analyze customer requirements to ensure that we only offer products and services that will enhance the potential of your business.

At Comcentric we focus on providing user-friendly solutions for complex wireless applications involving Global positioning systems, GSM Communication network. Over the years Comcentric has built expertise in developing solutions for Vehicle Tracking System, Road Safety and Driver Behavior Management systems, In-vehicle Mobile DVRs that stream real-time video to your mobile devices, Fuel Monitoring Systems and much more.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective, best-of-breed wireless solutions to protect, manage and maximize your fleet and mobile assets. Our guarantee is that each device or service we offer is current, robust and reliable.

We invest significantly in research and development, identifying and applying rigorous testing to every product and service to ensure that they surpass existing benchmarks. Each application we offer has already measured up to our exacting standards.ted materials through customized process improvements. Conveniently recaptiualize adaptive leadership before long-term high-impact functionalities. Completely incubate customer directed meta-services after economically sound imperatives. Distinctively evolve diverse applications for enterprise processes. Monotonectally disintermediate functionalized solutions rather than progressive leadership.






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Studies reveal average fuel savings and emission reductions of between 6 and 24%, depending on a range of factors. These findings leave little doubt as to effectiveness of Fleet Management System in lowering the financial, environmental and liability costs of auto and truck transportation.

Improve your efficiency and customer service by ensuring that your customer’s freight arrives safely and on time. It gives fleet managers the power to minimize safety risks, which reduces accidents, and ultimately saves money.

Save money on numerous operating costs by optimizing your fleet’s fuel efficiency, better managing driver performance, streamlining reporting, improving routing, reducing workforce & overtime, reducing insurance cost by providing safety protocols.