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NeatTrack - Comcentric Solutions

 – NeatTrack Fleet Security & Management System which is completely developed and fully owned by Comcentric Solutions Pte Ltd., provides a comprehensive interface (over web and Mobile) that provides control and visibility of Fleet to Operators and Managers and helps them streamlines resource utilisation and increase profitability

Standard Features


At the press of a button, you’ll be able to view all of the indicators you’ve defined as critical to make effective decisions and take the right action. Moreover, you and your managers will be able to receive critical alerts to events that can compromise your fleets’ performance

Driver Behavior Analysis

Safe driving makes sense not only for your business, vehicles and drivers, it makes sense for the environment. That means you need to monitor, alert and improve bad habits, before they cause devastating results

Route & Task Management

Trip Schedules are uploaded into the system, including routes, delivery schedules required by the customer, point of interest locations, refreshment stops and refuelling stations. Once the vehicle begins its trip, the system monitors execution and alerts in the event of an exception. Investigations can be executed and reported in the event a customer complains about certain aspects of the delivery

Fuel Fraud Prevention

Real-time Identification of fuel fraud by matching consumption trends, gas stations locations with gas-filling and sudden drops in fuel tanks

Identifies cost and fuel waste caused by idle driving, excessive speed and use of the vehicle outside of the hours of service

Calculates and compares fleet performance indicators – mileage per liter/mile, detect evolution of fuel price per mile run and more

   NeatTrack Fleet Security & Management System
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