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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Take control of your fleet operation & productivity REMOTELY

With 24/7 Location tracking at your fingertips, you’ll always know where your vehicles & assets are. Take advantage of over 40 administrative reports, google maps with satellite view, and a whole lot of features control your fleet and use them optimally.

COMCENTRIC is one of the most reliable, scalable and comprehensive fleet management solution currently used by customer in several countries to improve their fleet operations, asset utilization and driver safety with GPS software that scales to fleets of all sizes. It will help to reduce labor and fuel costs by keeping tab on idle time and total and give business owners the right tools to be Productive & Successful in their Fleet Operations.


  • Save on fuel costs
  • Increase worker efficiency
  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear
  • Reduce Greenhouse-gas emissions
  • All in real time

Make the Competition Green!

Go Green and Reduce Fleet Costs at the same time. Fuel use remains a major cost for fleet owners and contributes to environmental degradation. Driver behaviour directly affects fuel consumption with speeding and excessive idling as the two top offenders. Statistics have shown, maintaining an efficient vehicle speed provides a fuel economy benefit of 7-20%.

  • Precisely track the Vehicle’s Location in real-time
  • Know the status of your vehicle (speed, ignition, mileage etc.)
  • Know your fleet and its activities through detailed historical reports
  • Increase customer satisfaction by accurate service & arrival times
  • Faster response to customer requests by knowing your vehicle’s location
  • Effectively manage fuel, maintenance and overtime costs
  • Reduce non-revenue driver over-time & unauthorized usage of vehicles
  • Safeguard vehicles & inventory from theft by using Immobilizers & real-time SMS alerts.